Introducing Special Guest, Justin Kintzel…

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Worship is the engine, the fuel of the local church–the rising tide that raises all boats.  Without soul-refreshing times of worship, the Body begins to wither.  People dry up, no longer serving out of the overflow.  Storyline is serious about offering excellence in worship and this requires anointed leadership.

We are beyond excited about the person whom God has called to lead our first 5 services at Storyline Fellowship.  Justin Kintzel, and his wife Ashley, are young, vibrant, authentic, and as you will see below, incredibly gifted.  Take a moment and read Justin’s bio.  Watch these two, brief videos to get a taste of what worship at Storyline will soon become.

Thank you, Justin and Ashley, for leading us!

Dove Award nominated song-writer and artist, Justin Kintzel, is the Worship Pastor at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He leads worship for 10,000+ students three times a week in a service Liberty calls “Convocation”, and once a week for the school’s college service entitled “Campus Church” with around 3,5000 – 4,000 in attendance. In 2012, Justin released his first full-length record entitled “Death is Overcome” which received a four out of five star review in the September edition of Worship Leader Magazine. 
Justin also led and produced a live album and DVD with the Liberty Campus Band at Liberty University that released in April of 2013. Justin feels called to leading worship and plans to continue producing creative work on multiple platforms. Whether it’s with an arena full of sold-out college students or in the local church, Justin Kintzel’s heart is to see people transformed by a direct encounter with God. 
He and his wife, Ashley, have two daughters and live in Lynchburg, Virginia.
Watch and Listen to Justin on YouTube:

Proud of our Kids!

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Adjusting to a brand new culture, being the new kid on the block hasn’t been easy for Lynley and I.  It has been especially challenging for our children, who walk into a classroom without a single familiar face, or a safe person to latch onto.  The first week of school at West Woods elementary certainly wasn’t a breeze.  Ava, in particular, came home the first few days with tears behind her eyes, fighting them off and trying to act strong.  Lynley and I hugged and prayed and tried to divert attention with ice cream or some other “bribe.”  :)

Two weeks ago, a blessing from the Lord came.  A new email bounced into our inboxes.  Ava had been awarded the Student Ambassador award.  This recognition goes to one child in each classroom that has demonstrated respect for others, and exemplary character.  Lynley and I jumped for joy because we knew how desperately Ava needed that reassurance.  Before the little party was over inside our house, a second email came flying in.  Miles too, was chosen by his teacher, for the Student Ambassasor award.

All this may seem a little melodramatic for some of you.  I can certainly understand.  For us, though, these little bread crumbs from God are a reminder that He is shepherding us, walking with us, reminding us that He never leaves, never forsakes.  He is the “God of all comfort.”

Thank you for your prayers, as the Mandrell family and other families from around the country continue to adapt to this new mission field.  We are grateful for each of you.


We’re Having A Baby!

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Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.34.13 AMA baby church is like a baby boy or girl.  It takes a whole lotta stuff to get going!  When a child is born, loved ones “shower” the new parents with all manner of happy packages. Bottles, diapers, bibs…even toys and cribs!  It’s always fun to see the joy of the new mom and dad as they peel back the boxes and discover what’s inside.

Storyline Fellowship is now being showered in like manner.  First Baptist Church of Orlando has organized the event, inviting their members to participate, but we also wanted to ask all of our friends and family to consider helping us launch our new church.  The first preview service for the community will take place on Nov. 2 and that date is coming fast.  We need kids ministry stuff, bibles, nursery items, tables, coffee supplies, everything from Lysol spray to crayons to extension cords!  Every little gift helps us tremendously, even a $5 or $10 gift is money that we save and can use for building ministry here in Denver.

If you would like to participate, please click here and see our online registry at!  We are BEYOND grateful for your support and sacrifice.

Ben, Lynley, Ava, Max, Miles, Jack and the whole Storyline team!


P.S. Below is a picture taken at the Harvest Festival Parade in Arvada.  We packed and passed out 3000 baggies of candy that contained a Storyline Preview Service Invite card.



Storyline Vision Tour

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On August 19-20, twenty-one churches from around the country gathered in northwest Denver for the first Storyline Fellowship Vision Tour.  It was an unbelievable time of dreaming, partnering, and sharing.  Lynley and I were humbled beyond words as we watched the Lord add to our number.  As you see in the photos above, the vision tour concluded with a special time of prayer over the land where we feel called to launch this exciting, new church.

As I continue to process our surreal summit, a few thoughts come to mind…

1.  We can’t wait to attend someone else’s vision tour.

Being brand new church planters, Lynley and I find ourselves in a humble spot.  We are asking others to support us through the first three years of ministry.  We look forward to the day when Storyline Fellowship is up and running, aggressively growing the kingdom by helping other planters get their start.  It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

2.  Partnership is powerful.

There’s a reason why Jesus prayed that his people would remain “one army” in this world (Jn.17).  As these big-hearted churches arrived in northwest Denver, we felt as if the cavalry had been called in.  Reinforcements had arrived.  The spiritual and emotional lift was enormously felt as we were surrounded by friends who share our passion for the Kingdom.

3.  Every church can help plant churches.

It was amazing to watch how the Lord moved every church to be involved in the Storyline dream in some way.  Smaller churches, though tight on money, offered to send teams, to form prayer circles, to send along whatever unexpected funds the Lord might provide over the next year.  Some larger churches, with more abundant resources, pledged financial help for 3.5 years and committed to pray and to share equipment, graphic design help, and other specialists.  It was unbelievable the way that God is sending help.

We still pray for more strategic partners !  It takes a mighty coalition of strong churches to help a baby plant grow into maturity.  If you or your church would be interested in joining forces with Storyline Fellowship, to spread the Message throughout the great city of Denver, please contact me!  I would love to chat with you and pray with you.

Lynley and I are so grateful for every gift, every prayer, every note.  We thank God for you, our friends.


Max’s Baptism

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I have decided to follow Jesus

No turning back, no turning back.

Today, we celebrated the spiritual birthday of Max Mandrell, age 8.  He recently received Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  A small group of believers gathered beside Bear Creek in Colorado, to witness the event.  It was a special day.  Thank you to everyone of you that has invested in his life, bringing him to this point of decision.  He wrote a letter to those who listened, explaining that he is not ashamed to follow Jesus. 

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Instructions for Tomorrow!

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Hey Storyline family and friends:
As I shared earlier this week, we are having an informal gathering tomorrow at 10:30AM at O’Fallon park past Morrison! We would love for any and all to come and join us.

The park is on Hwy 74 in Kittredge. You can find it on Google. Bring a blanket and a picnic for you and your family. You may also want to bring a fold out chair! The plan is to have some light bible study, to share in our son Max’s baptism in Bear Creek, and to enjoy the great outdoors and great company.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at

See you tomorrow!

Ben and Lynley

You’re INVITED: A Storyline Gathering This Sunday

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Hey Blog Family and Friends:

It has been FAR too long since I have sent word about the happenings here in Denver. My apologies. Life has been full and the church planting action is picking up.

God has been blowing our minds with His goodness and His provision in this time of planning and praying. We continue to stand amazed at the things that He is doing behind the scenes, preparing the way for Storyline Fellowship’s launch on Feb. 8, 2015.  I’ll try to regain my focus and share more on the blog in the weeks to come.

The purpose of this post is to invite any and all to a special informal gathering of Storyline Fellowship this Sunday at 10:30 AM at O’Fallon park near Morrison, CO. We now have a great group on the ground in Denver, and the Lord has blessed us with many new friends in the area. That being said, this Sunday, bring a picnic lunch and a blanket and join us as we eat together, enjoy a brief time of Bible Study, and witness the baptism of our son, Max! He is so excited about being baptized in a real life river/creek. :)

Here’s a picture of the two of us, sitting at McDonald’s this week, talking through “how to have a daily devotional.” He’s a little sponge right now.  


If you live in the Denver area and would like to come and meet our family and some of the team members of Storyline Fellowship, please send me an email and let me know that you’re thinking about joining us. I would love to connect with you:

Have a great week and hope to see some of you this Sunday!